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Contact Lenses

The latest lens materials and designs allow you to see clearly and comfortably whilst maintaining the health of your eyes. It is our policy to provide you with a range of options to suit your lifestyle, prescription and budget.

Being an independent practice we have the freedom to supply you with the full range of contact lenses from any of the manufacturers, meaning we can choose the best lenses suited to you. We are happy to fit all suitable patients from children to adults.

Contact Lens Options

Daily disposable soft lenses
There are a wide variety of daily disposable lens options available; all of which you wear once and throw them away. They are suitable for the majority of prescriptions, including those with astigmatism. The great advantage with daily disposable lenses is that you will not require cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Monthly disposable soft lenses
These are a popular and economical option. You wear your lenses during the day then take them out at night to clean and disinfect them. The latest silicone hydrogel materials allow more oxygen to enter your eyes and longer wearing times.

Gas Permeable
These are manufactured from a rigid plastic material allowing oxygen to pass through them to keep your eyes healthy. They are suitable for most prescriptions including astigmatism and require more cleaning than soft lenses including the use of protein- removing tablets.

Lenses for astigmatism
A wide variety of contact lenses are now available to correct your vision if you have astigmatism, including daily and monthly disposable options.

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